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Plasterer Sunshine Coast - Plastering Contractor

Are you looking for a high-quality Plasterer with years of experience, and the best-priced services? Welcome to Plastering Sunshine Coast. You have found your match.

Your Local Plastering Services in Sunshine Coast

We are a leading plastering company servicing the Sunshine Coast area from Tewantin to Pelican Waters. No plastering job is too complicated, too big, or even too small for our team of experts to tackle. Should you need a gyprock wall fixing or replacing, or a full home renovation, Gyprock Sunshine Coast is here for you.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship. Our plasterers are professional, experienced in their fields, and highly skilled. In fact, we only those who meet our stringent criteria and who share in our vision and goals. This is why our team of plasterers is one of the most qualified and highest-rated in the region. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

Whether you are not sure of your plastering needs or know precisely what needs to be done, contact us today. We will work with you in meeting every single on your requirements. From touching up cracks in existing plasterwork or fixing a sagging gyprock ceiling, we can put our hand to any plastering job.


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    About Plasterer Sunshine Coast

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    We are a team of plastering experts servicing the whole Sunshine Coast area of Australia. Indeed, we are among the most respected and highly rated contractors in the region.

    Our dedicated team of contractors is highly skilled in what they do in all aspects of plastering. Should you need, a simple plaster wall repair or a tradesperson to create a delicate cornice. No job is too big or small a task for us.

    We understand that finding a plaster contractor you can trust and produce work of a professional standard is difficult. You may have searched for many quotes, waited for returned calls, submitted requests for services, and even waited for tradespeople to turn up. It can be a complicated process before you also get to work on the job. But this is where Plasterer Sunshine Coast excels. We cut out all that hassle!

    From day one, you will work will a team that is dedicated to completing any task. We will match your job with the most experienced plasterer in our team for your specific assignment. We want the very best for our customers.

    Plasterer Sunshine Coast Services

    We offer a vast range of plastering services. But, do not let that make you think we compromise on quality and integrity. The reality is that we employ such a variety of plasterers that the skillset of our team is tremendous! 

    We are here to help no matter your plastering needs. Whether you: 

    • Are starting fresh with a new building
    • Have a renovation project 
    • Need a room updating with decorative cornicing
    • Have a crack in your plaster that needs fixing

    And much more besides! Please have a look at our services section for more detailed information on all the tasks we can help you with.

    We always use top quality materials and brands such as Bunnings Plasterboard and Gyprock, as well as others. Of course, we will always ascertain if there are any particular products or brands that you would prefer us to use. However, we always have the caveat that we will always make recommendations to suit your needs and budget. 

    Gyprock Repairs Services in Sunshine Coast

    Plasterboard repairs are one of the most frequently requested small jobs that Plaster Sunshine Coast is asked to complete. Many people find us after searching online for things like “hole in wall repair.” It does not take long to realize that their best option is to bring in the professionals. And here we are!

    When repairing plasterboard, we always use top-quality wall patching compounds and plaster. Our plasterers are experienced in all kinds of plasterboard repair, including cracks, holes, and water damage, among other things. Before commencing any repair job, we will always carry out a full assessment of the damage. Next, we will offer the best possible solutions for our clients whilst aiming to stay within their budget.

    Once a job is complete, we can assure you that your wall or ceiling is back to looking as good as new. You will never know that we were there. It is our commitment to you that your space will be left in perfect condition, and we always tidy up after ourselves.

    We pride ourselves on our long-lasting positive reputation. Our reviews and testimonials show just some examples of our work and how satisfied our customers have been.

    If you are looking for plasterboard repairs, whether they are cracks, holes, or other things, get in touch with us today. Let us find out how we can find quick and affordable solutions. We will not compromise on quality.

    Plasterer fixing a gyprock suspended ceiling with a spatula

    Cornice Repair and Installation

    Plasterer Sunshine Coast does not just deal with regular, wall plastering jobs. We also have cornice experts within our team of highly qualified plasterers.

    If you need a plaster cornice, you have found the right people for the job. Over the years, we have installed and finished all kinds of cornice. If there is a type of cornice out there, we can almost guarantee we will have created it or fitted it before.

    It can be difficult knowing which cornice to choose. Each type can bring a distinct look and finish to a room. When choosing, you need to consider the room height, what plastering techniques will be used, and lastly, the style of building you are in. Consider the era you wish to emulate. Tudor, Modern, Art, Deco, and Contemporary cornices are all different in style. Your chosen one should complement your home’s existing décor.

    You can rely on us to fulfil all your plaster cornice needs. We help you every step of the way. Right from selecting the style of the cornice that would best suit a room to the final touches once it is in place.
    Why not contact our Customer Services team today? You can discuss your cornice requirements with our dedicated team. They will work with you to finding the best of our cornice contractors to meet your needs.

    Picture of a plaster cornice in a residential property in sunshine coast
    Sunshine Coast residential living room are with plasterboard false ceiling with down lights
    Family Room with plasterboard drop ceiling
    Commercial gyprock ceiling with down and LED lights
    Plasterer repairing a plasterboard suspending ceiling

    Suspended Ceiling Plasterer Services

    Plasterer Sunshine Coast tackles all kinds of suspended ceilings. Such ceilings are usually suspended from the roof or ceiling decks, with joist support.

    Often suspended ceilings serve more than a decorative or aesthetic purpose. They can help with acoustic issues in a room and even have extra insulation. In other words, the place or building will maintain its temperature more effectively.

    Our team of gyprockers has years of experience in both designing and constructing suspended ceiling systems. We can create a space that meets all your specifications and needs, whether in your home or commercial property. For us, ceiling jobs are what we do day in day out. Nothing is too much trouble. We always work with our clients to discuss the work in advance, establishing what would suit the room, your needs, and the budget too.

    We can help you with:

    • False ceilings
    • A bulkhead ceiling
    • Suspended ceiling panels
    • Suspended ceiling tiles
    • False ceiling systems
    • Kitchen drop ceilings

    The full list of our ceiling related services listed on our website. Why not contact our Customer Services team to discuss your suspended ceiling needs? Our team of helpful advisors will discuss your requirements and then match you up with the most experienced craftsperson for your specific job.

    Plasterer Sunshine Coast is among the most experienced and popular suspended ceiling contractors in the area. Please have a look at our ceiling reviews! We always find the solutions to any dropped ceiling problem.

    Picture of a metal framing partition wall being build

    Wall Framing in Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    You would be wrong to think that our contractors just deals with plastering issues! Any wall-related job is fine by us: we are the experts!
    We help our customers by:

    Mainly, we take your wall issue and create a solution that works for you. Whether you need a wall crack repair or a full creation of a new layout, Plasterer Sunshine Host can handle it.

    We have years of wall-related experience behind us. No project is too daunting nor too big. Likewise, please do not feel like you are troubling us with the smaller jobs too! We take on all tasks with the same level of professionalism and dedication. Local to the Sunshine Coast area, you can be sure that we know what we are talking about in any wall problem or job.

    If you would like more information on any wall framing job, contact our Customer Services team today. They are ready and waiting for your call! Once we know your requirements, we will discuss your project with you and outline potential plans and costs. You will then have your job completed as soon as is possible to the best of standards.

    Sagging Ceiling Plastering Repair

    Our full list of ceiling services is all detailed here on our website. If you have any questions or queries as to how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

    The full list of sagging ceiling services is listed in detail on our website. But, equally, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and hard-working Customer Services team. They will endeavour to assign a tradie straight to you to assess your sagging ceiling needs. There really is no time for delay when you have a sagging ceiling! We will always discuss your job in detail with you. Above all, we will ensure that we find a solution to the problem in a time frame and price that you are happy with.

    • Plasterboard ceilings
    • Plaster ceilings
    • Ceiling crack repairs
    • Water damaged ceilings 
    • Sagging gyprock ceilings 

    If your home has a sagging ceiling, not only will it look unsightly, but it could also be dangerous. Necessarily, a sagging ceiling could collapse at any moment, potentially injuring anyone who happens to be below at the time. If you have noticed a sag, contact us right away, and we will come out and have a look.

    Gyprocker Sunshine Coast tackles all sagging ceiling repair work across the region. Whether your ceiling needs a full gyprock replacement, or if the ceiling has been water damaged, we can help. We tackle any bowed ceiling, no matter the reason for the sagging:

    Talk to a Plasterer Today

    No matter your job, our Customer Services team are ready and waiting for your call. Plasterer Sunshine Coast has a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff who are waiting to answer your queries. We will always endeavour to get your job done when you need it in the quickest possible time.

    Moreover, despite us being quick to work, you do not need to worry about our standards. We only employ the best craftspeople in our company. We ensure that they not only come highly experienced and highly skilled but also ensure that they share our core values and principles. Do not delay. Get in touch today!

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    Your Local Plastering Services in Sunshine Coast


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