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Gyprock Repairs in Sunshine Coast

Gyprock Repairs are the speciality of Plastering Sunshine Coast. Plaster, or drywall plastering, is a home or building’s internal plastering on the ceilings, walls, and corners. Should your gyprock become damaged, we will create a finish that is as good as new. So much, you will never know the difference!

Your Local Sunshine Coast Gyprock Repairs Contractor

All along the Sunshine Coast, Plastering Sunshine Coast can help with all of your plastering solutions. Whether you need a full drywall plaster installation, repairs to existing plasterwork, or plaster painting, we can do it all. 

With years of experience behind us, no plastering job is too difficult. Plasterer Sunshine Coast will discuss your plastering needs and work with the client to establish the best solution. Have a wall crack that needs fixing? No problem! Installing gyprock? We do that too. There isn’t much that we cannot do when it comes to plastering:

To sum up, our full services information is all detailed here on our website. If you have any questions or queries as to how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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    How much does it cost to repair a hole in plasterboard?

    Have the kids put a hole in your plasterboard? It can be challenging to fix a hole in a wall if you have little experience with plaster and plasterboard.

    Professional plasterers tend to quote jobs based on their complexity and size. They will look at the surface condition and any preparation work that will be needed. Some plasterers also quote an hourly rate.

    Local plasterers may charge between $20 and $70 a square metre with hard plaster jobs. Likewise, you will be looking at $45 and $90 a square metre if wet plaster. For intricate jobs, the price can go up into the hundreds. Repair jobs can be more costly as old plaster must be removed first.

    Contractor using plaster for a Gyprock repairs job

    Why are my plaster walls cracking?

    Cracks are fine lines on plaster. Usually, cracks are due to vibration, atmospheric conditions, or settlement. Sometimes, however, they may be because of faulty construction.

    For instance, cracks in plaster that are horizontal and vertical indicate normal shrinkage and drying. Stair-step or jagged cracks or those at 45° angles are a sign of settling issues or structural movements. These can be serious, but most are harmless. Fixing cracks can be doing through caulking. Cracks that come back are the ones to be concerned about.

    Plasterer tradie repairing a gyprock wall

    Why choose Plasterer Sunshine Coast for your Gyprock Repairs?

    Have you recently spent time googling “fix a hole in the wall” looking for a plasterer on the Sunshine Coast? Perhaps a whole range of different plasterers popped up! So, how do you know which one to choose? Why should you choose us at Plasterer Sunshine Coast?

    For us, the choice is simple. If you are looking for repairs to your plaster wall or gyprock wall, then you need to look no further. The simple reason for this is that we are among the most experienced in plastering and gyprock wall repairs in the Sunshine Coast area. There is no plastering job that we haven’t come across before.

    Above all, our team of experts works efficiently and effectively to ensure that you have the utmost in quality gyprock repairs at a cost-effective rate. If you contact us to discuss your requirements, we can guarantee that our work is completed to the highest of standards.

    Two plasterer installing a gyprock ceiling plasterboard in a gyprock repair residential job

    Should I be worried about hairline cracks in plasterboard?

    Hairline cracks in plaster aren’t a severe problem. There are a few causes of hairline cracks, many of which are standard or expected as the plaster dries out. Hairline cracks that are horizontal or vertical are typical. If your hairline crack is at a 45° angle, is stair-stepped or jagged, this is more concerning.

    In other words, you should worry about a crack or cracks if they continue to appear after you have plastered over or filled them. Additionally, you should worry if a crack appears suddenly and is unusually large, for example, over 15 mm in width.

    Plaster on a spatula about to been use to repair a gyprock wall

    Are cracks in gyprock walls normal?

    Horizontal and vertical cracks in plaster walls are typical in recently plastered walls. Plaster isn’t a stretchy material and, as such, as it dries, these cracks often appear. These cracks are entirely normal. Of course, it is frustrating that they appear on a newly plastered wall, but they can be filled easily. New build homes often have cracks due to settlement as this takes months or years. These are normal.

    Get In Contact and Book Your Gyprock Repairs Services

    If you are looking for professional plasterers and do not know where to start, Plastering Sunshine Coast is a simple phone call away. Additionally, contacting us by email will allow you to outline your specific needs in a more detailed inquiry.

    In short, if you have any questions about your plastering needs, please get in touch. We have an excellent Customer Services Team who are ready and waiting to guide you through all options and solutions.

    Your Local Plastering Services in Sunshine Coast


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