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Sagging Ceiling Repair Services

Having a ceiling that is sagging is a significant problem that you should take seriously. It could collapse, so you need to think about repairing or replacing it. But the main risk is that it could seriously hurt or kill someone. With a damaged ceiling, you need to get it sorted as soon as possible. This will not only save you money but potential heartache too.

Your Local Sunshine Coast Sagging Ceiling Repair Contractor

The length of the Sunshine Coast can benefit from our ceiling repair work. Whether you need a new full plasterboard ceiling or have water damaged ceilings, we can help. 

We have years of experience with bowed ceilings, and no ceiling is too much trouble for our team of ceiling repair experts. We can help you with:

Our full list of ceiling services is all detailed here on our website. If you have any questions or queries as to how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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    Is a sagging ceiling dangerous?

    Sagging ceilings not only make homes look unattractive; they can also be dangerous. It means that the lower floors may not be holding the weight of the upper floors and/or roof. In other words, collapse may happen. This is undoubtedly dangerous and could seriously injure or even kill someone should there be a collapse. As soon as you notice a sag in the ceiling, it would help if you got in touch immediately. We can arrange someone to inspect and begin repairs on your plasterboard in no time.

    Plasterer tapping a joint of plasterboard sheets for a sagging ceiling repair job

    Why is my gyprock ceiling sagging?

    There are many reasons why a gyprock ceiling may be sagging. This could be due to:

    The foundations of the property

    • Was the property correctly constructed?
    • What about the soil? Was it conditions not optimal?
    • Was the land not graded appropriately?

    Drywall installation problems

    Water Damage caused by

    • Burst pipes
    • Extreme weather
    • Termites and Pests

    Are the wooden ceiling beams affected?

    There are so many reasons why a ceiling may sag. As a result, a contractor should ascertain the cause of the issue to prevent it from recurring.

    Plasterer fixing a sagging ceiling with plaster

    Why choose Plasterer Sunshine Coast for your Sagging Ceiling Repairs?

    If you have recently had a problem with a gyprock ceiling, you need it assessed as soon as possible. Sagging ceilings can and have been dangerous in the past. They can collapse at any given moment, injuring anyone that happens to be standing underneath.

    Here is where we can help. We are among the most experienced in dealing with sagging ceilings in the Sunshine Coast area. There is no plasterboard ceiling that needs repair that we have not been able to fix. Our expert team mixes top craftsmanship with efficiency, resulting in an affordable rate for our customers.

    If your ceiling is bowing, do not hesitate in contacting us today to come and have a look at it. We will do our best to fix your ceiling as soon as possible to the highest possible quality. Our many customer support this statement.

    Picture of a set gyprock ceiling in commercial building

    Does wet plasterboard need to be replaced?

    As a rule, plasterboard that has got wet should be replaced to ensure that it maintains its integrity and original performance. This is the case if boards are bowed, where the paper has peeled, or where mould is growing. Even if it dries quickly, it could leave a stain or mould, especially if the water was dirty water from flooding or leaking pipes.

    Plasterer repairing a sagging ceiling with a spatula tool

    How much does it cost to fix a sagging ceiling?

    Fixing a damaged ceiling can start at around $500 if the damage is minimal. It can reach heights of between $2000 and $5000 if there are more significant cracks, making a ceiling as new, or replacing it entirely.

    Of course, any repair costs will depend on how big the ceiling is and what is causing the sagging. Water damage also will cost around $2-3000 to fix. It is crucial to seek professional help in any sagging ceiling fix.

    Sagging Ceiling problems? Call us today

    The Customer Services Team at Plasterer Sunshine Coast are ready to take your call today. Rest assured that we have a team of professional plasterers waiting to tackle your ceiling job, no matter what it entails.

    To sum up, if you have any specific queries or would like to discuss a quotation for work, contact us today. We will be happy to help.

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