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Suspended Ceiling Installation and Repairs

Suspended ceilings are a way of finishing a ceiling that hangs below the uppermost structure of a building or room. They are usually suspended from ceiling decks or the roof, consisting of structural joists to support the load. Most suspended ceilings use a steel grid fitted with acoustic tiles. Hanger wires suspend the ceiling from between around 8 cm and up to approximately 30 cm.

Your Local Sunshine Coast Suspended Ceiling Contractor

Down the length of the Sunshine Coast, we can help with your false ceiling solutions. Whether you need a kitchen drop ceiling or one for a large office, Plastering Sunshine Coast can do it all. 

We have years of experience in designing and fitting dropped ceiling systems. We will create a space that meets all your needs, whether at home or in the office. No ceiling job is too painful! We will always work with you to discuss your needs and find the best solution to suit your room and, of course, your budget. 

When it comes to suspended ceilings, we cover it all:

  • False ceilings
  • Ceiling panels
  • Dropped ceiling tiles
  • Ceiling systems
  • Kitchen drop ceilings

Our full list of ceiling services is listed here on our website. Take a look and please get in touch if there is anything you wish to discuss. We always endeavour to meet our customer needs.


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    What does suspended ceiling mean?

    A suspended ceiling also called a dropped or false ceiling, is one that hangs below the main structure roof of a building or room. Often, suspended ceilings are fitted with false ceiling panels installed into a frame. These ceilings are frequently found in modern construction in both commercial and residential applications. Initially, this type of ceiling was created to hide building infrastructures such as wiring, ducts, or piping.

    Modern innovation now means that they no longer come in simple and basic ceiling tiles. There is a range of options available in many colours and materials.

    Kitchen suspended plasterboard ceiling with windows

    Why have a suspended ceiling?

    Suspended ceilings have lots of advantages. They are popular in commercial properties but increasingly in domestic properties too particularly in conservatories and kitchens.

    This ceiling type provides a smooth and clean finish to a room’s ceiling and can hide pipes and wires in most cost-effectively. Additionally, there are other benefits too, such as insulation and acoustic improvements, safety in terms of fire-retardant materials, and lighting benefits.

    Suspended ceiling tiles with metal frame work. There are lights, fan and fire sprinklers

    Why choose Plasterer Sunshine Coast for your Dropped Ceiling Installation?

    Have you been browsing the internet looking for a ceiling contractor? How do you know which contractor to choose? And why should you choose us?

    Mostly, for all your ceiling needs, we can offer you the solutions you seek. Maybe you are looking to add warmth and light to a colder, high-ceilinged room. Or you have noisy upstairs rooms. The thing is there is nothing that we cannot achieve with one of our ceilings. We are among the most experienced in suspended ceiling contractors in the area. There is no ceiling problem that we cannot handle – we have seen them all before!

    Above all, our team of ceiling experts works efficiently to ensure the utmost in quality craftsmanship while remaining as cost-effective as possible. Contacting us to discuss your requirements. By calling, it will allow us to tailor our work to your needs, providing you with reassuring reviews for similar previous projects.

    Kitchen renovation suspended gyprock ceiling

    What is the advantage of a false ceiling?

    False ceilings are great for many reasons. The main one is providing an excellent finish to a room, hiding things such as wiring and piping work. They also work as an effective acoustic barrier, improving a room’s acoustics.

    What is more, they can work as an added layer of insulation. Also, by lowering the height of a ceiling, you will trap the warmer air, reducing heat loss. This can make for a property that is more energy-efficient.

    In other ways, safety can be increased with fire-retardant materials in the suspended ceilings. There is also the added benefit of adding extra light reflectance in a room, improving the quality of the light in the room.

    Commercial suspended tiles ceiling for an office. There is a down light in the center

    How much does it cost to put in a false ceiling?

    In 2018, the average cost of installing a false ceiling was around $48 per hour. This cost, of course, varies depending on how intricate or straightforward a ceiling is.

    For example, for a basic full ceiling in an average-sized room that has a standard plastered wall, it can cost around $205.

    Of course, these estimates will change depending on your needs and whether you wish to install insulation or use premium materials.

    Get In Contact With Plastering Sunshine Coast

    Plastering Sunshine Coast is a simple phone call away, ready and waiting to discuss all your suspended ceiling needs. If you send us specific details via email outlining your requirements, we will be able to give you options and solutions.

    Finally, our excellent Customer Services Team will be able to guide you through all you need to know. Our goal is to get you on your way to having the best and most cost-effective suspended ceiling for your business or home.

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