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Wall Framing Services in Sunshine Coast

Wall framing is essentially creating a structural shape and support for an internal or external wall. Usually, on internal structures, metal frames are built using horizontal and vertical beamed lengths. These wall frames (sometimes called studs or headers) work as a base for covering materials. To create plasterboard, Gyprock, or other materials solid walls, you can use frames in which to mount them.

Your Local Sunshine Coast Wall Framing Expert

We are the experts when it comes to plasterboard walls. In other words, it does not matter your wall-related problems or needs. Plasterer Sunshine Coast has what it takes to find the solution or take your project to the next level. We have details of our full range of wall services on our website but let us take a quick rundown on what we can do. We help you by:

In essence, we take your design and work to create your dream room. We build from ideas right through to the finishing touches. With years of experience behind us, no wall project is too big or too daunting for us. To sum up, we are local to the Sunshine Coast area and provide the very best in-wall solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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    What is metal stud wall framing?

    Metal stud framing forms a building’s skeleton, providing the framework to the internal layout and structures. Its purpose is to space the interior of the building properly. In a reconstruction or refurbishment project, the steel frame walls are one of the first things to go in.

    Most importantly, the metal stud wall of a building forms the layout, indicating where partitions will sit. These define the different spaces within a structure, including where windows or doors will be placed.

    Metal Wall framing over brick wall

    What are cheaper metal studs or wood studs?

    A steel stud frame is cheaper than a wooden frame. It is always surprising to customers that a metal stud wall ends up more economical! You can also reduce building cost by using recycled metal studs. These kinds of material are trendy nowadays in the construction industry.

    The wood used to be a cheap product to use for studs. Some softer woods are a little less expensive than hardwoods, but the cost comparison between them and steel studs is very much significant.

    Metal framing structure for plasterboard installation

    Why choose Plasterer Sunshine Coast for your Wall Framing Projects?

    Firstly, walls are what we do! If you have been searching for a contractor to come and create walls in your space, then you need to look no further. Do not be fooled by our name: Plaster Sunshine Coast does not just do plastering! Sure, we plaster walls. But we can build them too!

    We offer metal stud wall or wooden framework. Our qualified team of wall experts can turn their hand to your project. Their craftsmanship is of the utmost quality yet remains affordable. We can share our skills with you, allowing you to choose what kind of wall framing is best for your build.

    That is to say, if you would like more information on our wall-framing services, please get in touch. We would welcome any ideas of wall frame projects that you have. We will do our very best to find solutions that meet your needs and budget.

    Commercial steel wall framing installation

    What is a partition metal framing wall?

    A partition wall is one that separates a more substantial space into two or smaller areas, such as rooms within a home. A partition wall with a metal frame is simply a standard wall that uses metal studs to support the structure of the wall. After the wall structure is created, it is joined together with plasterboard or drywall.

    Using metal framing, you can create more rooms or office space (much cheaper than moving to another building).

    Metal stud wall frame with insulation

    Can you anchor to metal studs?

    Yes, you can anchor heavy objects such as TVs or shelves to metal studs. Many people use toggle bolts to anchor into the steel studs. However, it is essential to know what the existing materials of the wall are. How thick is the plasterboard? What gauge are the studs and where are they spaced? This will enable someone to anchor to the wall much more effectively. For instance, the more massive the object, the more studs it should be anchored to so that the weight distributes evenly. Determining the weight of what needs anchoring and working out the size of the bolts that are needed is crucial.

    Get In Contact With Plastering Sunshine Coast Today

    Firstly, for all your wall-framing needs, whether in a home or office, for steel studs or a room partition, contact Plastering Sunshine Coast without delay. Just a quick phone call will have you on your way to starting your project. Drop us an email with more details. Certainly, we can get right to it, helping you change ideas into wall frames as soon as possible. Most importantly, our Customer Services Team is ready and waiting to run through all the options and solutions.

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